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What's an inventory?

An inventory is a comprehensive written and photographic report detailing the condition of your property.

It provides information on the decorative condition, furniture, fixtures, and fittings as well as detailing the keys, meter readings and appliance manuals. Anything damaged or missing should be recorded in front of the new tenant.

A report also includes a safety section to record the evidence that a landlord or letting agent complies with safety regulations, such as smoke/CO detectors and the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations, 1988.

An inventory forms a vital part of the tenancy lifecycle and serves as a landlord’s protection against liability for property damage and repairs caused by a tenant.

Not all inventories are equal, however, and it is important to ensure that your inventory has been properly carried out, especially if a deposit negotiation process goes to a tribunal or judge. That's where we come in with the most detailed, easy to read and concise reports on the market. Get in touch today and get 15% off your first booking!

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